Few words about us

Baldrian_logo_zeleneFolk Ensemble Baldrián  is a small group ensemble consisting of twelve musicians and dancers. The ensemble reproduces dances and songs from region of East Bohemia.

Folklore traditions are stylized and presented in form of scenic performances and also in native environment. Every year Baldrian can be seen at writing of the Three Kings’ initials, “Masopust” (carnival), “Vynášení smrti” (celebration of springtime beginning). Baldrián could be seen and heard  in broadcast of Czech Television and Czech Radio. A Christmas play “Štědrá koleda králů” was also prepared and presented in In cooperation with Východočeské Divadlo Pardubice (East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice) .

The ensemble recorded compact disc with Christmas Carols and another disk with songs from East Bohemia. Our audience applauded in Czech republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and Slovak Republic.

The name Baldrián is a nickname for herb Valerian. Te ensemble and the herb have in common an ability to calm down you neural network and lift your spirits. At least, what the audience say, but you have to judge for yourself.

The ensemble was founded by Marie and Aleš Mokren in June 1999. They invited their friends, musicians and dance to join the ensebmle. The first performance of the ensemble was after only one month training.

The special emphasis lays on tunefulness of reproduced songs. Except of arranged dances and music, we present them in their basic improvized form. The intention is to present all songs and dances in pure form, and to capture the unique moment of our lives.